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location_onAlishan, Chiayi County, Taiwan
Dabang.Rice Wine in a Isolated Tribe
Alishan, Chiayi County, Taiwan
Product Code: ISKIANA01
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access_timeDuration 3day(s)

Life starts from home, which is the key of this itinerary. In the traditional house, we smash rice, cook it, and wait for ferment. At last, we drink the wine we made by ourselves.

Make the rice wine but not just making the wine. We start from home and explore everything surrounding us. We fish in the river, pick wild vegetables, set up the fire and make a dinner for ourselves.

Finally, we realize that the happiness we get from life is simple but precious.


Dabang.Rice Wine in a Isolated Tribe

* The amount is subjected to the payment page.

The Highlight

The tempo of this itinerary is very slow, but it will make you miss these three days so much. If you wan to find somewhere isolated for your weekends or you are eager for the life with slow tempo, you have to come and we don't let you disappointed.

The Experience

Durations : 3 days

Location : the tribe Dabang, Alishan Township, Chiayi County

Number of visitors :Minimum of 6 people,maximum of 12

Eligibility :age above 18

Meeting time / place:

08:30 Chiayi Train Station ( Booking transfer service )

09:00 Chiayi High Speed Rail Station ( Booking transfer service )

11:00 the tribe Dabang at Alishan Township (meet at designated place)

Returning Info:

Day3 15:30 leaving from the tribe

【Three days & Two nights】

Day 1

-Immigration Cou's country, like we are going abroad

We meet at the middle of the Dabang tribe and stroll around with our guide "Mo'o". Mo'o will tell us some stories about Cou in order to let us know more about the Cou's culture and look forward to the following three days.

★The signal will be weak after we leave the middle of the tribe.

- The local restaurant in the tribe

There are only a few restaurants in the tribe. Maybe the dishes are not very delicate, but they are the daily essentials for the residents.

-Introduction of the traditional house

The old tribe, iskiana, is where we are going to stay in the following days. There are two traditional houses built by Mo'o. In the tradition of Cou, men or women have their own spaces in the house. They are not divided by real lines, but they take responsibility for their own works.

-Smash rice with traditional mortar and pestel

Keep smash until rice turn into powder.

-Process of making the wine

We set up the fire with woods and cook the powder. Each family has different way to make the wine, so the wine doesn't have standard flavor. The taste can be adjusted to what you like.

-The life of self-sufficient

You can be a hunter or a farmer. We eat what we get and share with each other.

- Explore the river at night

We explore and observe the river side. If lucky, we can get some fish or shrimps for night snacks.

Day 2

- The morning surrounded by mountains

Wake up in the morning surrounded by mountains and enjoy all the green in front of you. But don't forget to check the fire, the fire needs to keep burning in order to remain the temperature for ferment.

-Fish, the wisdom from rivers

According to the introduction from Mo'o, there are 13 ways to fish in Cou's tribes. We learn different ways to fish, which depends on seasons and weather.

-Cook beside the river

Make food ware from bamboos. Set up the fire and cook what we bring or what we get in the river!

-Time around the house

Back to the traditional house and take a rest. Then, we prepare the dinner by ourselves. Steam the glutinous rice, BBQ, and cook the vegetables we get from Mo'o's fields. Have dinner with the rice wine we made. What a wonderful night !

-Stories beside the fire

The last night, we sit around the fire. Share some stories about Cou, about Mo'o, and about you.

Day 3

- Chase the pace of the hunter

Follow Mo'o and enter the forest. He will teach us how to recognize animals' footprints and then to tell their tracks. We will learn how they eat to know the ways that they lives in the forests.

At last, we make slingshots in the middle of the forest, the memories from childhood !

★We need to walk about 30-50 minutes. It doesn't matter if you don't have any hiking experiences. But recommend you to wear shoes, which can help you walk in the wild, like hiking boots or rain boots.

-Free time before leaving

Before leaving the old tribe, you get some free time to recall all the fantastic memories in these three days. And don't forget to bring some wine with you, if you miss the time here, just have a sip.

-Lunch time

Depart from the old tribe, we will have lunch. It is the last meal in this itinerary and it is prepared by the elder in the tribe. All the dishes are made from passion in order to see you off.

-See you next time !


Day 1
  • 08:30Chiayi Train Station ( Booking transfer service )
  • 09:00Chiayi High Speed Rail Station ( Booking transfer service )
  • 11:00Arrive at Dabang tribe
  • Immigration Cou's country, like we are going abroad
    Immigration Cou's country, like we are going abroad
  • The local restaurant in the tribe
  • 傳統家屋分享
  • Smash rice with traditional mortar and pestel
    Smash rice with traditional mortar and pestel
  • Process of making the wine
  • 產地即餐桌的距離
  • 放低音量的夜間觀察學
Day 2
  • 群山環繞中甦醒
  • 野溪的智慧,鄒的漁獵
  • 溪畔的野炊
  • 圍繞家屋的生活
  • Stories beside the fire
    Stories beside the fire
Day 3
  • 追隨獵人的腳步
  • 帶一點微醺的滋味離開
  • 部落媽媽的無菜單料理
  • 15:30See you next time !
    See you next time !

Price Details

All activities are mentioned above.
Accommodation for 2 nights
Day 1 : lunch, dinner
Day 2 : breakfast, lunch, dinner
Day 3 : breakfast, lunch
Transfer : Chiayi High speed Rail Station/Train Station (extra reservation)
Transfer to all the spots in the itinerary
Others : guide, administrative expenses and etc.
Transfer to Chiayi City
Personal expenses

How to Use

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Purchase Notice

  • For the safety, age under 18 are not acceptable for this itinerary.
  • When the number of travelers match the minimum requirement for this trip, we will add you in the Line group to send notifications about ten days prior to the departure. Please make sure that you fill up the right Line ID when booking.

  • Minimum of 6 people are required to book tour. If total number of travelers do not match the minimum requirement for this trip, the tour will be cancelled and you will receive a notification e-mail or phone call 14 days prior to departure. You can claim for refund or reserve the fee.

  • Please follow the rules of the guides. Local agency or guides will not be responsible for any injury resulting from traveler's violation of on-site regulations.

  • If you can't arrive at designated location on time nor reach the tribe by yourself, refunds will not be granted.

  • According to the cancellation policy, administrative expenses should be deducted before refund.

  • In the event of a change in itinerary or cancellation due to traffic, weather, or any other unforeseen circumstances, travelers will be informed 1 day(s) (at 20:00 local time) prior to departure by Line group.

  • All photos shot during the itinerary may be displayed on web pages, social media, and advertisements.

  • The accommodation is mixed dorm, please consider before booking.

  • Please inform us beforehand if you have any allergies or special health conditions.
  • The actual itinerary is subject to change due to weather and attraction operating conditions, please consider before booking.

  • Please read the Standardized Contract for Tour before booking. When you finish the reservation, it means you agree with all the rules in the contract.(

Important Booking Information

【Traffic advice】

  1. Meet at the tribe

    -Meet at Dabang tribe at 10:30a.m  Address:No.17, Alishan Township, Chiayi County, 605

    -Take the bus to Dabang tribe and stay for a night before we meet.

  1. Roundtrip transfer service : 1000/person

    -08:00 Chiayi Train Station front exit (depart on time)
    -08:30 Chiayi High Speed Rail Station (depart on time)

  • We will live in the traditional houses built by Mo'o, which are not open for the tourists, so it will be a previous experience. The houses equip bathrooms and dorm beds, please bring your own sleeping bag and camping map in order to have a good sleep.
  • The tribe is at an elevation of 1100 metres. The temperature will drop dramatically at night, please remember to bring coats.
  • In the itinerary, we will go fishing and we need to walk in the river. Please wear the shoes that can protect your feet and can make you walk in the river easier, do not wear slippers.
  • The sun will be hot at the mid noon. Please don't let yourselves get the sunburn, and don't wear the sunscreen in order not to pollute the river.
  • At night, we will go to the river and explore. For your safety, please remember to bring the headlamp and don't use the flashlight or the flashlight on phone.
  • The signal in Dabang old tribe is weak, please consider before booking.

  • Things to bring : Sleeping bag, camping map, jacket, raincoat, towel, toothbrush, slippers, shoes can walk in the river, headlamp, food ware....

Cancellation Policy

Number of days prior to departure / Cancellation fee
  • Cancellation made at least 41 day(s) before departure date, will charge 5%
  • Cancel during 31 ~ 40 day(s) of departure, will charge 10%
  • Cancel during 21 ~ 30 day(s) of departure, will charge 20%
  • Cancel during 2 ~ 20 day(s) of departure, will charge 30%
  • Cancel on 1 day(s) before departure, will charge 50%
  • Cancel on activities date, Non-refundable (0% refund)




Meeting Point Info

Dabang tribe
Alishan Township, Chiayi County

Dabang.Rice Wine in a Isolated Tribe