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location_onOrchid Island, Taiwan
Orchid Island.Ponso no Tao
Multi-day tours
Unique experiences
Orchid Island, Taiwan
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access_timeDuration 4day(s)

In Orchid island, residents lead a plain and hardworking life without rapid pace. The lifestyle here is casual and simple, which would make you feel time passes slowly. If you want to find somewhere to relax, there are many pavilions that are surrounded by the sea. Although the reception is unstable, people will get close without using phones.



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* The amount is subjected to the payment page.
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The Highlight

Traveling is a best way for tourists to get closer to our earth, instead of only taking pictures. We learn the lifestyle of residents and see the mountains and the sea through their viewpoint.

And then, we live with the elders in the tribe. We work like Tao people, we eat like Tao people, and be Tao people for a day.

The culture of Tao, the breathtaking scenic, the agriculture, flying fish, and the lambs running everywhere, all of these are what make Orchid Island so fascinating.

The Experience

Duration : 4 Days

Location : Lanyu Township, Taitung County

Number of visitors :Minimum of 8 people,maximum of 12

Eligibility :age above 8

Meeting time / place:

12:00 at Taitung Fugang Fishing Harbor. Find the counter of Green Island Star to get your ticket.( If you want to depart from Houbi Lake, please mention in the "Note" section when booking)

Returning Info: Day4 back to the Taitung Fugang Fishing Harbor at 17:30. ( September and October will be back at 17:00)

【4 days & 3 nights】

Day 1

- Immigration Orchid Island, like we are going abroad

Arriving Orchid Island, riding on the scooter, we use the slowest speed to view this beautiful island.

- Go around the island

Besides keep riding, we listen to some stories to know how residents live here.

- Dinner time

All the ingredients from Orchid Island cooked in foreign flavors.

This is the first night in the itinerary. In the following nights, we will give you different feelings.

- Dongching night market

The only night market in the island is small but lively. You will have free time here.

Day 2

- The real life in the tribe

We will do activities with residents in the tribe - " Iraraley "

We follow the guide, who grows up in Iraraley to know the culture of Tao people. From the beach, to the boats and the traditional house, maybe you will not receive a professional guide, but the stories she told are the real lives in the tribe and they follow all the rules last from ancient time.

- Traditional lunch box of Tao

when the men go working in the mountain or beside the beach, they will bring this kind of food for lunch.

- Find the secret places

We will bring you to some secret places where are not known by the tourists nor the residents. Let's go exploring and clean the beach at the same time.

★Parts of path are not easy to walk, please wear the shoes that can protect your feet. Also bring some clothes to change if you get wet.

- Dinner time

Second night in Orchid Island ! You can look forward to what the dishes we prepare for you !

Day 3

- Free time for a morning

You have free time in this morning. You can find somewhere to relax or have fun in the sea. You can choose snorkeling, free diving, or scuba diving. (These activities need to pay extra. You can consider until the day before this morning.)

- Sea for the women

Residents grow many taros in Orchid Island. People in Tao say that "taro fields" are the sea for the women. Taros also play important roles in Tao's culture and lives. We will walk in the taro fields without wearing shoes and help taro farmers weed the fields. It's a special way to learn the knowledge about Tao and make you have strong connection with the lands.

- Dinner time

The third night, we eat at "home". The elder in Iraraley will invite us to have dinner in their house. They will prepare tasty dishes for us. The ingredients may not be expensive or delicate but all from Orchid Island and all dishes are full of sincere and enthusiastic.

Day 4

- The last day, Travel around the island in different ways

To be honest, we never set the itinerary in the last day. Where we go or what we do are all different in every single itinerary. But you don't need to be worried, all you need to do is keep curious and believe us will not make you disappointed!

- Last lunch in Orchid Island

Enjoy the last meal here and you still have a few free time before leaving. Take a moment to say goodbye to this beautiful island.

- Return the scooter. It's time for leaving.


Day 1
  • 12:00Arrive the harbor and get your ticket.
  • 12:30Depart to Orchid Island.
  • Immigration Orchid Island, like we are going abroad
  • 小島款款行
  • Dinner time
  • Dongching night market
    Dongching night market
Day 2
  • The real life in the tribe
    The real life in the tribe
  • Traditional lunch box of Tao
    Traditional lunch box of Tao
  • Find the secret places
    Find the secret places
  • Dinner time
Day 3
  • Free time for a morning
    Free time for a morning
  • 女人的海
  • Dinner time
    Dinner time
Day 4
  • The last day, Travel around the island in different ways
     The last day, Travel around the island in different ways
  • Return the motorbike. It's time for leaving.
  • Return the motorbikes. It's time for leaving.
  • 15:30Back to Taiwan
    Back to Taiwan

Price Details

All the activities mentioned above.
Taitung - Orchid Island Roundtrip Ticket( If you want to depart from Houbi Lake, please mention in the "Note" section when booking.)
Scooter for 4 days, 2 people share 1 scooter.(If you want to ride a scooter alone, you need to pay $1200 extra.)
Accommodation for 3 nights
Others : guide, administrative expenses and etc.
Day 1 : afternoon snacks, dinner
Day 2 : breakfast, lunch, dinner
Day 3 : breakfast, dinner
Personal expense
Day 3 lunch
Transfer to Taitung Fugang Fishing Harbor

Add-on Items

體驗潛水 - NT$ 2,500
體驗自潛 - NT$ 2,500
浮潛探索 - NT$ 500
單人騎乘一台機車 - NT$ 1,200
單人入住雙人套房(蘭嶼) - NT$ 3,000

How to Use

  • 無需使用憑證

Purchase Notice

  • For the safety, age under 8 are not acceptable for this itinerary.
  • When the number of travelers match the minimum requirement for this trip, we will add you in the Line group about ten days prior to the departure to send notifications. so please make sure that you fill up the right Line ID when booking.

  • Minimum of 8 people are required to book tour. If total number of travelers do not match the minimum requirement for this trip, the tour will be cancelled and you will receive a notification e-mail or phone call 14 days prior to departure. you can claim for refund or reserve the fee.

  • Please follow the rules of the guides. Local agency or guides will not be responsible for any injury resulting from traveler's violation of on-site regulations
  • If you can't arrive at designated location on time nor reach the island by yourself, refunds will not be granted.

  • According to the cancellation policy, administrative expenses should be deducted before refund.

  • In the event of a change in itinerary or cancellation due to traffic, weather, or any other unforeseen circumstances, travelers will be informed 1 day(s) (at 20:00 local time) prior to departure by Line group.

  • All photos shot during the itinerary may be displayed on web pages, social media, and advertisements.

  • If only one person wants to book a double room or three want to book quad, please send message to us before booking.

  • The dorm beds in hostel are 8 mixed dorm, please consider before booking.

  • Please inform us beforehand if you have any allergies or special health conditions.
  • The actual itinerary is subject to change due to weather and attraction operating conditions, please consider before booking.

Important Booking Information

【Traffic advice】

-Drive to Taitung Fugang Fishing Harbor

-Take taxi from Taitung Train Station to Taitung Fugang Fishing Harbor.

(You can ask if anyone wants to take taxi together in the Line group.)

-It's not easy to remain the beautiful scenic in Orchid Island. Because of the isolated location and the inconvenient transport service, the culture of Tao and the environment are well-protected. The lifestyle and the cultural taboo are very different from Taiwan, please respect their special culture.

  • Orchid Island is the second largest outlying islands in Taiwan and the road around the island is 37 km long. There are 6 tribes and we live in "Iraraley". Please do not shoot the residents or their house and do not touch the traditional buildings and boats (Tatala) without permission.
  • Please follow the traffic rules when riding and ride slowly especially passing tribes. Besides, parts of roads are bumpy, please be careful.
  • The sea is very beautiful but dangerous, please do not plat the water alone and must follow the guide.
  • You will have free time in day 3 morning. There are option activities :
  1. Scuba diving $2500/person
  2. Experience free diving $2500/person
  3. Snorkeling $500/person
  4. If you want to reserve diving guide, please send message to us.
  • Please do not wear sunscreens nor touch carols which may distroy the environment.
  • Garbage is a serious problem in Orchid Island. If possible, please help us bring some garbage back to Taiwan in order to reduce the burden of solving the garbage's problem.
  • You can only pay by cash only and there are only two ATM in the island. Sometimes they will run out of money, so please prepare enough money before landing Orchid Island.
  • Things to bring : towel, toothbrush and paste, face wash, cash, reusable food ware, umbrella, hat, medicine, swimsuits, shoes that can wear in the water, NHI card, ID card or passport, clothes for changing.

Cancellation Policy

Number of days prior to departure / Cancellation fee
  • Cancellation made at least 41 day(s) before departure date, will charge 5%
  • Cancel during 31 ~ 40 day(s) of departure, will charge 10%
  • Cancel during 21 ~ 30 day(s) of departure, will charge 20%
  • Cancel during 2 ~ 20 day(s) of departure, will charge 30%
  • Cancel on 1 day(s) before departure, will charge 50%
  • Cancel on activities date, Non-refundable (0% refund)



Orchid Island.Ponso no Tao